By Marci Hackel

Many recent grads want to take the summer off after graduation and start looking for a job in September. Below are 6 reasons why you should START NOW and not wait until the Fall!

Will Still Have Free Time

It takes an average of 16 weeks to find a job so  you will still have plenty of time to enjoy yourlast free summer even if you start searching now! Plan to spend an average of 10 hours per week applying to positions and you will still have time to enjoy the beach and even get a part time job. Keep in mind that employers may also view you less seriously if you just relaxed all summer. Once you get an offer, you may even be able to request a September start date!

Companies Still Hiring in the Summer

Many companies want to get people on board before the end of the year and before their budgets get cut. There are always new job openings at a company as business needs grow or people quit. Looking for a job while others are hanging out on the beach may mean less competition and a better opportunity to land a job!

Process May Actually be Shorter

Many companies may actually make quicker hiring decisions because they know vacation schedules are hard to coordinate and they may forgo having you meet with as many people. They may also want to speed up making a hiring decision before people go on vacation – either way, you can win by job searching in the summer!

Summer = More Networking Opportunities

Summer is a time for lots of weekend get-togethers. Whether at a neighborhood barbeque or a friend’s backyard pool, it is a great time to meet new people or reconnect with old friends. Everyone wants to know what a new grad is doing so let people know what you are looking to do and they may even have a connection at a company where you would love to work.

Happy Time of Year

People are usually less stressed in the summer, there are more hours of daylight to enjoy and often the workplace is less hectic with many people out on vacation. This is the perfect time to schedule informational interviews, identify opportunities and network with contacts that can potentially help you get interviews.

Practice Matters

Like most things in life, the more you “practice” the better you get and interviewing is no exception.  More interviews means more practice, so when you meet with the hiring manager at your dream job, you will be ready for a more successful interview and a better chance at landing the job!

Source: LinkedIn

Author: Marci Hackel is a Resume & Cover Letter Writing Assistance| Recent College Grad Job Search Specialist| Interview Preparation| Consulting.