The importance of time management would strike you at some point of your career. You would be inundated with work, and you will need to evaluate how to manage your time. There are a few factors why time management is important for your career success.

1. Time Is A Limited Resource
Remember that time is a limited resource. There is a Chinese proverb that says ‘no amount of gold will buy you time that has passed.’ Knowing that time is a limited resource, you would naturally need to cherish it. After all, deadlines to work will continue to inch closer to you whether or not you have started or you are slow on it. Once time is lost, you can never make up for it. Your work will have to be compromised – given that you have not managed your time.

The importance of managing time to your career cannot be trivialized. Know the importance, take steps to perfect this skill to increase your chances of career success.

2. Small Steps Build Into Big Goals
To achieve career success, one important thing is to set goals. And goals need to be mapped onto a timeline. That timeline needs to be managed. Any goal that does not have a timeline is as good as a moving goal post. Career success does not come in a day. It takes time.

Understand the importance of time management, as your career success depends on these small steps across time. If you not take care of the seconds, the minutes will waste, and so will the hours and days. All these will accumulate into poor results. The importance of time management is to understand that small steps across time build into big goals. And a main part of achieving goals is about time management.

3. Efficiency Of Your Work Relates To Time
Being efficient at work is about managing your time. Optimum use of your time means you accomplish more in the least possible time. Being able to manage your time well gives you a competitive advantage over your colleagues. You get more done and hence you get assigned to more important projects in the future.

When bosses see you as an efficient worker, you become a competitive advantage to your unit. This translates to better performance score, more trust and respect from colleagues and bosses. The importance of time management in this aspect should be kept in mind if you want to climb higher in the corporate ladder.

One of the most common question I get from managers is ‘How do I lessen my stress?’ I have learned that the first thing is to have them think about their time management skills. The importance of time management skill is also understanding that it can help lessen your stress.

If you have poor time management skills, work gets backlogged. You are caught chasing your own tail; overdue work gets caught up with current work while future projects are being given to you. These unattended work piles on the pressure. Before you know it, you are stressed over work. You start to complain about being overloaded. However, you fail to realize that it is your lack of time management skills that has created this stress.

5. Knowing Your Priority At Work
The importance of time management in your career success also comes in the form of allowing you to prioritize. Part of good time management skills involves knowing when to do what is urgent and important. Being able to recognize work that needs focus at the right time is a skill that is important to achieving career success.

When you are able to crystallize what is important,you will attend to the actual task that needs your focus. You become more effective. Becoming efficient and effective at your workplace will automatically contribute significantly to your career success.

The importance of time management to your career success cannot be trivialized. Learn these important skills and see your career soar.

Source: career-success-for-newbies