Divorce wreaks havoc on all parties involved, but does it have to derail you professionally? Not at all. Here is why.

Divorce can actually boost your career if you allow yourself to gain three perspectives from the experience:

  1. Space and time for yourself: When you are suddenly “single” after being a “partner” or part of a family unit, there is at once space where there was not before. The space and time to yourself can be used as a force for good. Whether you take an hour to yourself to exercise every other week, or you use that alone time in bed to read or write (or watch bad TV), you can use that space and time to think not about the past and what went wrong, but about the future, and the opportunities that lie ahead.
  2. A different threshold for risk: The twisted fortune of divorce is knowing that you have been to the abyss, have climbed out of it and are on your way back up  to the top. As many great minds agree, disruption is a proven path to success in the business world. It can be a greater instigator to finding career success by emboldening you to challenge authority, take risks and be open to improvising.
  3. The ability to break old patterns: The inevitable self-examination that comes with divorce gives you an opportunity to see patterns and behaviours that might not have been visible to the naked eye previously. When you put your relationship under a microscope, certain things become clear: were you the type to blame colleagues (substitute: your ex) for everything? Did your moodiness affect a peaceful work (substitute: home) life? Were your emotions easily triggered by otherwise benign comments? Were you a poor listener or perhaps passive-aggressive? More than likely some of those same unhealthy patterns showed up both at home and at work.

Source: Divorce Doesn’t Have to Derail Your Career via HBR.org.