6 Ways to be More Creative at Work – No Matter What You Do for a Living!

Often when we hear “creativity” mentioned, images of the arts pop into mind.  Writers, artists, dancers, and musicians commonly earn the rap as the “creative types,” but the truth is that creativity is not limited to a particular talent or profession.  Literally, creativity entails approaching things in an original manner and exploring new ideas. When considered in that context, it’s easier to see how anyone can be a little more creative, regardless of the industry she works in or her profession.  Here are a few ideas to help you get those creative juices flowing:

Change your Perspective
Within (especially corporate) organizations, people are normally assigned defined roles with specific responsibilities.  When someone is assigned to one of those determined roles, over time it can become routine to view everything from the viewpoint of that position, and consequently, blind spots can arise.

If you’re feeling stagnant at work or if you are looking for a way to solve a problem within your company, try looking at the situation from a different perspective.  Whether you decide to step into the shoes of your end user or into those of a person from another department, looking at the way your team and process works from a different angle will help you broaden your understanding of your company and may lead to new ideas on how to improve the way that you do business.

Leverage Technology
Nowadays, smartphones can do everything from balancing a checkbook to monitoring your basal temperature.  It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that there are apps available that can also help people boost their creativity.  The options run the gamut:

  • Headspace teaches users how to meditate
  • The TED app actually features a section called “Inspire,” providing viewers with motivational words of advice from its speakers.
  • The brainsparker app offers prompts designed to – yes – spark users’ imagination.

The list of available apps is long, but the short story is that options for boosting your creativity on a daily basis are at your fingertips.

Develop a Hobby
Regardless of whether you do something you love for money (lucky you!) or you have a J-O-B that leaves you feeling uninspired some days, it behooves you to develop an interest outside of your occupation.  Think beyond binge watching Netflix and Amazon Prime shopping (I know, it’s so hard), and try to find a hobby that allows you to switch mental gears and push your brain in an unconventional way.   Pursue that hobby several times a week. Giving your brain a chance to periodically think differently will help you return to your work with a fresh mindset – plus it can double as a stress-reliever.

Meditate Daily
The notion of meditation can be scary because the current world thrives on constant activity.  To hustle and grind is to thrive, according to social media and all.  With that in mind, the idea of sitting still in silence for any portion of the day can actually add to a person’s daily stress load rather than have the intended relaxing effect. Never fear, however, because meditation takes on many forms, and truthfully, it gets easier over time.  For some people, meditation is best practiced in a set place with no distractions; however there are many other forms.  There is dancing meditation, writing meditation, chanting meditation – the list goes on.  Find the way that works best for you to cleanse out your mind, and do that for a few minutes daily.  All areas of your life will thank you and the cleansed mind will enable you to achieve new levels of awareness and – you guessed it – creativity.

Try Something New
Do something new or go somewhere different!  If you’re stumped for ideas, scour Groupon or Living Social and buy a ticket to something just because. Because the deviation from your normal routine might lead to a different way of thinking about existing matters.  Exploring experiences that may or may not have a clear purpose in your normal life, but it is a great way to learn new things and potentially enhance your view on how to approach common challenges.

Switch up Your Routine
One of the easiest things anyone can do to break up the monotony of everyday life is to change up normal routines.  Take a different route to work and free up your mind from the autopilot setting that normally drives that routine.  Also, notice the change in scenery.  Have breakfast for dinner or eat dessert first at your next meal.   Try a new machine at the gym. Next time you visit your favorite restaurant, try a new dish.  No matter how small the change, the important thing is that you shake up your day by trying something a different way.


Source http://sharpheels.com/2016/04/everyday-creativity-at-work/:
Author: Ashley Vaughan