cv writing

cv writing

Are you applying for jobs but missing out on interviews? If this sounds familiar, it’s probably because your CV is not making enough of an impact.

When writing your CV, your focus needs be on projecting your ROI as an employee

When writing your CV, your focus needs be on projecting your ROI as an employee, i.e. how will the employer benefit from hiring you. To achieve this, you need to quantify your experience with hard facts. Highlight the impact you made and back this up with numbers or examples. Employers love this and it will make you stand out.

Here are some ways to help you do that:

What’s your story?

Simply listing down past work responsibilities is not enough, as it requires the employer to join the dots and do the hard work for you. Trust us, no one has the time or inclination to do that.

If you really want to stand out, spend time detailing your past responsibilities so that the hiring manager can easily work out what you’re good at. For example, instead of simply stating you’re a team player, go into detail about the teams you have worked with and the number of successful projects you have collaborated on.

It’s a numbers game.

If you’re in marketing or project management, or any other business which is data-driven, you will need numbers. There are so many metrics out there – use them as proof of your successes. For example, if you implemented a marketing campaign on Twitter to help raise your company’s brand awareness, your CV should provide stats on total reach, total engagement, followers gained etc.

Quantifying your success by providing numbers will help hiring managers assess the impact of your work and the amount of value you could potentially add to the future employer.

Hats. Wearer of many.

If you’re the wearer of many hats in your current job, your CV needs to demonstrate that. Hiring managers love candidates who are able to show that in being employed, the business will save on having to hire additional staff. If you have any additional skills, mention them clearly in your CV – these really help demonstrate your ROI as an employee.

I hope these tips will help you write a more attention grabbing CV. Don’t forget – your chances of getting to the interview stage, over other candidates, can significantly improve if your CV is able to demonstrate a substantial ROI over the expense of hiring you. So spend enough time to craft a strong CV.

Source: FutureHeads