As part of activities to mark the March edition of the Global Mentoring Walk, Afterschool Centre for Career Development (formerly known as the Afterschool Peer Mentoring Project) hosted Mentors and Mentees to a Mentoring Brunch Meeting on as held in Calabar,Cross River State on Saturday, March 3rd 2016.

As the flag bearer for the Walk in Calabar, The Afterschool Centre for Career Development hosted the session to brief Mentors and Mentees on the planned activity for the the Global Mentoring Walk and to enable them interact ahead of the walk.

The Vital Voices Global Mentoring Walk provides an environment for aspiring women professionals to gain the support and guidance that they need to fulfill their goals, as mentoring is proven to be one of the most important steps to establishing a successful career. It is a particularly effective support system to help overcome the obstacles to career growth that women commonly face in corporate and professional environments, such as experiencing the “glass ceiling” effect and more limited networking options. Equipped with the advice and support of a mentor, female professionals are better able to navigate the professional challenges they face.

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