The Afterschool Centre for Career Development is a career development organization that is committed to inspiring, investing, engaging and facilitating growth opportunities for young persons in transitional stages of their lives. We ignite young people to set career goals and walk them through the achievement of such goals enabling them transit seamlessly from school to work.

At Afterschool Centre for Career Development we employ various strategic interventions to counsel, train and provide growth opportunities for young people to prepare for the world of work through a peer mentoring model.

Our goal is for young people in Nigeria to be employable by:

  1. Providing career development trainings to assist young people become aware of their career aspirations
  2. Providing them with objective information, tools and capacity to achieve their career goals,
  3. Providing the necessary sounding board for them to jump start their careers
  4. Providing them with access to networks and markets
  5. Developing sector based relevant training to enable them horn their skills and become strategic fits at the workplace.


To see a society where young people are properly informed, skilled and able to realize their career aspirations
To ignite career consciousness and provide access to quality career development information and tools and services for young people through structured trainings, mentoring and social brooking services towards grooming an employable workforce.
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