Feeling like there should be more to your professional life, like you’re not doing what you’re meant to do? Have you found yourself daydreaming about other careers or companies? Before the depression monster strikes, take some time to reflect and ask yourself the following career inspiration questions.

7 Career Inspiration Questions Everyone Must Ask Themselves:

1. What career advice would you give yourself three years ago?

Think back to where you were a whole 36 months ago. If you could go back in time, what tidbits of wisdom would you give yourself?

2. If you were going to work for free for the rest of your life, what would you want to do?

Money tends to get in the way of life, so lets just take it right out of the equation. Pretending bills don’t exist, if you were never to make another penny…how would you want to spend your time? What makes you fill truly fulfilled and empowered?

3. What are your biggest career aspirations?

It sounds like such a simple question, but you should really dig deep to come up with the answer. What are you truly hoping to accomplish? Is it a specific job title? Certain responsibilities or tasks? Is it a dollar figure? Make a list.

4. What’s stopping you from making those aspirations come true?

For every bullet on your list, identify what’s keeping you from success. Better yet, take the time to come up with lists for overcoming each of those barriers. Think “one step at a time” and slowly craft a pathway to accomplishment.

5. What are the three things you’re most confident at in your current role?

When you’re feeling on top of your game at work, what is it that makes you feel that way? Use concrete action words here like “leading others” or “closing sales.” After creating your list, prioritize them according to what gives you the best “I did it!” feeling.

6. What drives you to succeed?

Are you someone who strives to create tangible impact, like improving sales by 20%? Or does recognition light up your world? Perhaps it’s having a positive social impact or achieving a certain salary. Understanding what truly motivates you will allow you to better shape your pathway to success.

7. Who inspires you the most professionally?

Perhaps you don’t need look past your own office for this one, but it’s also OK to think broadly here. In other words, it might be your administrative assistant’s impressive organization and attention to detail that make her the winner in your book. Or, maybe it’s Mark Cuban’s no-bullsh*t approach and financial tenacity that you admire. The point is, you should have a career role model to benchmark against.


Remember, you don’t have to tackle all of these questions in one sitting. In fact, reflection is best done over time. Give yourself a few weeks or even a month to come up with the answers that are right for you. Be honest with yourself in your responses, and use the outcome to help you excel.

Source: http://good.co/blog/2014/11/10/career-inspiration-tips-advice/